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Bubbleball, Laugh vultures roar!


Tackling,falling,crashing and non stop laughing that is Bubbleball.Safe in your own “bubble” you get the chance to tackle and knock over your opponent, you might kick completely past the ball, however in the end you shoot the winning shot!. Bubble ball is a hilarious form of football which can be played both indoors and outdoors. With two teams you will compete against each other, the only difference being that each player will be inside a Bubbleball. This allows you to unabashedly knock over your colleague or sandwich your friend. Bubble ball is an intensive game, therefore as a result you do not need a Bubbleball for every participant as you can easily switch between them. For that reason it is also extremely suitable to combine it with other activities or as a fun little side activity during a meeting or conference.

Bubbleball can also be played in various games such as real life bowling, capture the flag and rugby.

Our recommended age for Bubbleball is from 8 and above.

You can book Bubble Ball at one of our locations, but we are also happy to come to you! Whether it is a family party which is located in your uncle’s gigantic garden, the end of a sports season at the club or the introduction week of your student association somewhere in a park or in the city. This activity can be played indoors and outdoors(on (artificial) grass).


You can book Bubbleball easily and fast by clicking on request at the top right corner.


The more people you are with, the cheaper we can offer you Bubbleball.


At one of our locations:

Prices per person

From 37 people;  € 11,50 / 1,5 hour activity

From 24 up to 36 people; € 13,50 / 1 hour activity

From 12 up to 24 people; € 17,50 / 1 hour activity

From 6 up to 12 People; € 21,50 / 1 hour activity


Bubbleball on your own location

Prices per person

From 37 people;  € 13,50 / 1,5 hour activity

From 24 up to 36 people; € 19,50 / 1 hour activity

From 12 up to 24 people; € 21,50 / 1 hour activity

From 6 up to 12 People; € 27,50 / 1 hour activity

Mentioned prices are inclusive:

  • 1 hour activity
  • Football
  • VAT

At your own location; including travel expenses up to a radius of 20 km. around Weerselo. Each additional km € 1.00 p/km

Extra hour €54,-

Price are exclusive of football goals

Are you in charge of organizing the neighborhood party, family day, friends day or team outing this year? Or do you have to think about what you’re going to do with your son or daughter’s birthday party this year? How about Bubbleball? We are also happy to make our materials available for rental.

The rental will consist of Bubbleballs for half of a day. You must provide your own goals and ball. The rental prices are exclusive of the delivery costs. The option to pick it up yourself is of course always possible.

            Rent 6 Bubbleballs; €135,00

            Rent 8 Bubbleball; €175,00

            Potential delivery costs: €35,- (max 20km radius around Weerselo. Extra km is €1,- per km)

Bubbleball is a great activity which you can also combine with one of our Mega Games:

            Mega Jenga; €12,50

            Mega Mikado; 17,50

            Mega Twister; 17,50

Bubbleball is an activity where you guarantee to have fun and memories for life both players and people who watch the game. You can do Bubble Ball at one of our locations or at your own perfreed location. The recommended age for Bubbleball is 8 and above.